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How to Jump Start Your Social Selling Strategy - Part 1 By Mark McInnes

LinkedIn awardee as Australia's #1 Social Seller, Mark McInnes shares his social selling secrets for revenue growth.

A truly compelling profile is the very first place you need to start if you plan to use LinkedIn as a part of your prospecting process. You need work on your profile, in order for it to be so compelling that people in your 'sphere' of business will think, I really need to be connected to this person because I think they will be of VALUE to my network. Here's how you'd do that:

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Putting the "Kick" in Your Sales Kick-Off By Dean Mannix

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Will your sales kick-off drive focus, confidence and action or will it just be a party to kick off the new sales year? The start of the budget year is a fantastic time to motivate and focus your salespeople and here are 8 things we suggest you must cover at your sales kick-off…

5 Questions You Must Ask Before You Take a Break This Year By Dean Mannix

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All the best for the holiday season but before you and the team leave for a break, take a little time to celebrate the year that was.As a salesperson one of the most important mental habits you can develop is being your own fan club. Reflecting on what you’ve done well builds confidence and resilience, the two mental habits most closely linked to success in sales.

Is This the Best Sales Strategy of 2016? By Mark McInnes

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One of the things I'm passionate about when it comes to sales is that my customers and also my readers are able to actually use what I write about or share with them from a sales activity, sales results point of view.This article, in particular is an absolute corker so please pay attention. This single blog will increase your prospect response rates x 3 very simply.

4 Proactive Strategies to Avoid Burnout By Step Change

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If you’re running a growing business, then you know that it takes hard work and dedication to see it succeed. With many things that pull you in directions, it's often that long hours become a part of your routine and start taking a toll on your capacity.

Being overwhelmed at work should not be something you should just accept as a condition of your job. It should be something that you need to...

Holiday Selling Strategies #5 - Have a Break! By Dean Mannix

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Sales is an extremely stressful and demanding job.  So, to sustain the sales intensity that you have worked so hard on in the past 12 months, you need to recover and re-energise your body and mind. The final strategy for this holiday season from our five-part series of Holiday Selling Strategies is to take a well deserved break!

Holiday Selling Strategies #4 - Maximise Client Events By Dean Mannix

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Client parties are not just events, they are rooms full of opportunity.  As a salesperson, you must stop looking at Christmas and end-of-year celebrations as a just time to make merry, but a time to kick in your sales instincts and fill in your sales pipeline.In this post, part four of our five-part Holiday Selling Strategies, I'm going give you tips on how make client events your sales field.