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5 Tips for Shattering Your Salespeople’s Limiting Beliefs By Dean Mannix

Nothing limits a salesperson’s performance more than what exists between their two ears. What's scary is that the majority of salespeople become their own worst enemies, by collecting a store of limiting beliefs as they fail or things don’t go as planned. 

This damaging state of mind needs to be consistently challenged by the inflicted salespeople and the sales managers with a responsibility to encourage a more constructive state of mind. 

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7 Ways to Boost Your Sales Activity This Holiday Season By Dean Mannix

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Don't miss out on the opportunity and joy that engaging customers and prospects in the holiday season can offer!Christmas seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year with sales in October and decorations in early November.  Whilst this survival tactic is relevant for retailers,  it’s putting a significant dent in the time a salesperson has to close business.  It’s challenging to create...

Can Sales Managers Coach "Attitude" to Improve Sales Performance? By Dean Mannix

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What do you think? …We think it can. We also believe that what many Sales Managers call “a bad attitude” is actually behaviour that reflects bad coaching.A common catch cry in the early 2000’s was “We hire for attitude rather than aptitude because skills can be coached into great people with the right attitude”. The assumption behind this was that attitude was a fixed quality in people and...

Are Your Salespeople Too Dependent on Marketing For Lead Generation? By Dean Mannix

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A major challenge faced by many businesses is that salespeople often over-rely on their marketing team to generate leads. Over the past 15 years, we’ve observed thousands of salespeople and sales teams and noticed 5 sales habits that have the greatest impact on a salesperson’s ability to generate their own leads.Question is – have your salespeople embedded these sales behaviors?  For those who...

Three Tips for Being a Top Performing Salesperson By Dean Mannix

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Sales can be a really tough job because today, it takes about 8 attempts to get in front of a prospect. If you’re one of the 44% salespeople that give up after one follow-up, it’s unlikely that you’re making budget. Having the right mind-set is crucial to success in sales. 

So, here are three tips that can take you from being an average salesperson into a top sales professional.

Sales Meetings - A Waste of Everyone's Time? By John Dougan

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The burning question that sales leaders ask when I speak with them is 'How do I get more from my sales meetings?'.  It's a question that often prompts a startled reaction when I answer; "Whom exactly do your sales meetings work for?' We surveyed more than 1700 salespeople and sales managers on the state of their sales meetings and the results will possibly make you question the value of your...

Do Your Sales Meetings Have a Purpose? By Dean Mannix

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Too many meaningless meetings are destroying productivity... and this includes sales meetings.As a sales manager, you simply can’t tolerate this. You need to take a step back and remind yourself why you have a sales meeting beyond being told by your boss that one has to happen!