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4 Proactive Strategies to Avoid Burnout By Step Change

If you’re running a growing business, then you know that it takes hard work and dedication to see it succeed. With many things that pull you in directions, it's often that long hours become a part of your routine and start taking a toll on your capacity.

Being overwhelmed at work should not be something you should just accept as a condition of your job. It should be something that you need to regognise so you can take measures to avoid it.


How do you know if you’re experiencing burnout? And how can you overcome it?

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Holiday Selling Strategies #5 - Have a Break! By Dean Mannix

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Sales is an extremely stressful and demanding job.  So, to sustain the sales intensity that you have worked so hard on in the past 12 months, you need to recover and re-energise your body and mind. The final strategy for this holiday season from our five-part series of Holiday Selling Strategies is to take a well deserved break!

Holiday Selling Strategies #4 - Maximise Client Events By Dean Mannix

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Client parties are not just events, they are rooms full of opportunity.  As a salesperson, you must stop looking at Christmas and end-of-year celebrations as a just time to make merry, but a time to kick in your sales instincts and fill in your sales pipeline.In this post, part four of our five-part Holiday Selling Strategies, I'm going give you tips on how make client events your sales field. 

Holiday Selling Strategies - #3 Give Presents & Build Relationships By Dean Mannix

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Is your budget for holiday presents to clients very small this year? You aren't the only sales manager stressed about this with the holiday season approaching.  So, here is how you can tackle your gifting dilemma - consider giving your client a $20 book this season instead of a $50 wine bottle.  Presenting your clients with something thoughtful that you know they will benefit from instead of...

Why You're Probably Wasting Your Time on LinkedIn By Mark McInnes

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 There are two very clear ‘types’ of CONNECTOR on LinkedIn. I’m sure you know the types; in fact you’re probably one of them. They are either the;

A – I’ll connect with anyone and

B – I’m only connecting with those people I physically know or meet.If you’re in B2B sales and you’re using either of these  ‘strategies’ – I say you’re wasting your time on LinkedIn.

Holiday Selling Strategies - #2 How to Engage Customers with Calls By Dean Mannix

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Do you have clients or just account numbers?If you are serious about connecting with your revenue-generating clients in the upcoming Christmas holidays, you need to get on the phone.  In my last blog, I discussed how the festive season can be  a crucial time to add value to your business. As salespeople committed to building strong relationships, you have to take the time to personally engage...

10 Things to DO to Start Social Selling By Mark McInnes

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I’m regularly asked, “What should I do to start social selling on LinkedIn”?

I usually have a little chuckle to myself, as most people don’t actually mean DO when they ask me this question.What people want me to say, is some magic list of things somebody else will do, that will generate so many leads and conversations that they can just stand back and watch the cash start rolling in via some...